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Saturday, April 04, 2009
I would be mourning you... if you had spoken English

Rising Hegemon points out a post titled: “Hmmm . . . At Immigration Center Site of Rampage, Aliens Taking Citizenship Test Didn’t Speak English”. In this callous screed, frequent New York Post columnist Debbie Schlussel has a Malkinesque moment:

But there’s an interesting piece of info that’s come out in the reporting and it may point to immigration fraud at the center. . . Too many people who don’t speak English game the system and get citizenship.

So fourteen people, including students, a receptionist, and a teacher, are brutally murdered, and the deeply compassionate Ms. Schlussel summons outrage about. . . the victims’ trying to gain citizenship without knowing enough English?

Never mind that subsequent reporting shows that they were actually taking classes to improve their English prior to taking citizenship tests, completely negating the validity of her thesis.

No, the real problem here is that more than a dozen people here were just killed in cold blood and the response is to baselessly accuse the victims of an unrelated issue. It is all about you, after all.

That said, here at IMF,S, we are never ones to miss a breaking trend. So, here are some other recent tragedies that Schlussel appears to have missed:

[February 13, 2009] The crew of the plane that crashed into a house near Buffalo on Thursday night discussed a “significant ice buildup” on the wings before an accident that killed all 49 people on board and one person on the ground.

There’s an interesting piece of info that’s come out in the reporting about the Buffalo plane crash. Apparently that house in Clarence Center, N.Y. was there because immigrants settled the area in 1823. Apparently Clarence Center was originally called Van Tines Corners. Typical of today's rampant immigration fraud, this bunch of Dutchmen have been “passing” as Clarence Center. So, you can see that it weren’t for those immigrants, the house wouldn't have been there, and the plane would have never hit it!

[March 6, 2009] The wife of Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been killed in a car crash in which he was also slightly hurt, party officials say.

There’s an interesting piece of info that’s come out in the reporting about Susan Tsvangirai. The truck that crashed into her car was a Nissan. Is it any coincidence that another Japanese, Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, was designated by Emperor Hirohito to lead the attack on Pearl Harbor in a Japanese vehicle less than a century ago? Probably both Tsvangirai and Yamamoto would be alive today if those dashboard control labels had been written in English!

[March 18, 2009] Actress Natasha Richardson died Wednesday at age 45 after suffering a head injury during a beginners’ ski lesson.

There’s an interesting piece of info that’s come out in the reporting about Natasha Richardson’s ski accident, which illustrates the danger of even a bunny hill… if it is located in a bilingual country. Apparently all the signs at the “Mont” Tremblant ski resort in Quebec were in French and English, causing emergency personnel to take twice as long to read them, delaying crucial medical attention. If only more rich liberals understood how “English Only” saves lives, they'd be alive today! But, if they understood it, they wouldn't be liberals, would they?

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